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War-time military intelligence mission?

Amnesia story?
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Escape/rescue behind enemy lines?
Revolution story?
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stranded getting to know a nice woman searching for treasure/artifacts
shipwreck planewreck surviving elements in wilderness
trouble with tribes being chased through wilderness rare animal hunt
finding criminal(s)

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Kind of vehicle:
boat plane

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underwater on the ocean surface pirate attack!
wet animal attack!

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Murder Mystery (killer unknown)

General Crime (including known murderer)

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Misc. Murder Plotlets
cooped up in spooky house butler provides unemotional service character killed during/after sexing
local police w/ IQ of a houseplant \"All in the family\" murder solving long-past murder
killer purposefully leaves puzzle clues Proving innocence of very obvious suspect Big focus on forensic evidence
Big focus on autopsies Killer purposely leaves clues

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Amnesia story?

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