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Book Review By Judith E. Pavluvcik
Mouse Soup by Arnold Lobel

Mouse Soup is another wonderful children's story by Arnold Lobel. For any 1st to 3rd grader learning to read, this book will allow the child to feel confident and very successful!

Four stories are presented by the mouse, who was captured by the weasel for his mouse soup. The mouse tells the weasel that his soup will not taste good unless he puts stories into the soup. One plain old mouse will not a soup make! The stories are: Bees and the Mud, Two Large Stones, The Crickets, and The Thorn Bush. After the mouse has finished his delightful stories, the weasel cannot comprehend how he will get the stories into the soup! Mouse instructs him to find bees, two large stones, crickets and a thorn bush. Not very smart, weasel dashes out of the house to find the items and mouse escapes to the warmth and comfort of his home, a great meal and a good book!

The stories told by mouse are entertaining, lively and a hoot! They will keep the little reader guessing and wanting to know what is going to happen! The illustrations are entertaining and really help to contribute to the charm of the story!

A true delight! I love Arnold Lobel's books for children!!

Plot & Themes
Tone of book? - humorous
Time/era of story - 2000+ (Present Day)
Animal story Yes
Kind of animal:
Is this an adult or child's book? - Age 7-10

How much descriptions of surroundings? - 4 ()

Writing Style
Amount of dialog - little dialog
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