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Book Review By John Marcel
Undercurrents: A Novel by Marie Darrieussecq

The basis of this story is a woman leaving her husband and taking her child to a seaside town in France with 10,000 Francs in cash. The father dispatches a private detective to track her down. But the story is so sensuously and descriptively written, the prose poetic and haunting that you read the book as if in a dream being caressed by the imagery of the words. There is an estate agent who fancies his chances, and a surfer who befriends both mother and daughter as subplots. A beautiful dreamlike book.

Plot & Themes
Tone of book? - thoughtful
Time/era of story - 2000+ (Present Day)
Family, struggle with Yes
Struggle with: - Husband
Internal struggle/realization? Yes
Struggle over
Is this an adult or child's book? - Adult or Young Adult Book
Ethnic/regional/gender life Yes

Main Character
Gender - Female
Age: - 20's-30's

Main Adversary
Identity: - none

How much descriptions of surroundings? - 10 ()
Europe Yes
European country: - France
Small town? Yes
Small town people: - nice, like Andy/Opie/Aunt Bee
Misc setting

Writing Style
Amount of dialog - significantly more descript than dialog
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