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The Old Man and the Bay...Guantanamo Bay: A Novel by F. Scott Sinclair

"The Old Man and the Bay…Guantanamo Bay: A Novel" is a violent encounter with two main plots. Professor Harlan Watt is a dreamer. He wants the initiative and referendum process to become the law of the land via a constitutional amendment. Renegades within the FBI and IRS see the drawbacks in such an arrangement, their treasured existence and power base being torn to shreds.

Professor Watt is targeted along with Senator Thackeray, who's backing the bill in Congress. The two most powerful bureaucratic agencies in the federal government will not allow a new form of democracy to take hold. America's elitist democracy is at stake, and must be maintained--no matter what the cost. But friends of Professor Watt and Senator Thackeray strike back with every fiber in their bodies, all the way to the halls of Congress.

Tthe second main plot deals with Russia's dream of becoming her old self once more, a superpower equivalent to the stature of her archrival: America. The President of Russia and his generals plot to destroy America from within, and from without…using Fidel Castro as their instrument of retribution and unification against their common enemy: America.

Fidel Castro is nobody's puppet with an agenda of his own. He attacks Guantanamo Bay in the only way he knows how: deceptively. Both main plots land on President Hardy's desk. The buck stops there. President Harding must deal with those enemies he perceives are trying to destroy American-style democracy as it exists today, not only from within American borders--but from the sore in America's posterior only ninety miles away: Cuba. America's credibility is at stake. And America's ghosts of discontent and enemies have comeback to haunt President Hardy. The arrogance of America's power is being tested to its breaking well as the patience of the United Nations.

Plot & Themes
Tone of story - suspenseful (sophisticated fear)
Spying/Terrorism Thriller Yes
Cloak & Dagger Plotlets:
Kid or adult book? - Adult or Young Adult Book
descript. of violence and chases - 20 %
Planning/preparing, gather info, debate puzzles/motives - 30 %
Feelings, relationships, character bio/development - 20 %
How society works & physical descript. (people, objects, places) - 30 %
Who's the terrorist enemy here?

Main Character
Gender - Male

Main Adversary
Identity: - Male
Age: - 60's-90's
Eccentric: Yes
Motive of antagonist - revenge
How sensitive is this character?
Sense of humor - Mostly serious with occasional humor
Intelligence - Average intelligence

United States Yes
The US: - Northeast
Europe Yes
European country: - Russia
Island? Yes
Island: - Caribbean Island
Misc setting - fort/military installation

Writing Style
Accounts of torture and death? - moderately detailed references to deaths
Explicit sex in book? Yes
What kind of sex: - vague references - descript of kissing - touching of anatomy
Amount of dialog - roughly even amounts of descript and dialog
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