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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Mengele's Legacy David J. Weinberg 4000
Slatewiper Lewis Perdue 2000
Tormented Images Gary Michael Smith 2000
Patent To Kill April Christofferson 2000
The Shadow Side Linda Castillo 2000
Life Switch Linda Jean Runstein 2000
The Protector David Morrell 2000
Fever Robin Cook 2000
Deadly Remedy Gwen Hunter 2000
Bone Dry Bette Golden Lamb and J.J. Lamb 2000
Children of the Night Dan Simmons 2000
The Third Pandemic Pierre Ouellette 2000
Shot Jenny Siler 2000
The Twisted Root Anne Perry 2000
Fatal Michael Palmer 2000
Long After Midnight Iris Johansen 2000
Year Zero Jeff Long 2000
Helix M.N. Norton 2000
The Swarm Arthur Herzog 2000
Flashback Michael Palmer 2000
'48 James Herbert 2000
Stony Man: Deadly Agent Don Pendleton 2000
The Mosquito War V.A. MacAlister 2000
The Celestine Prophecy James Redfield 2000
Gargoyles Alan Nayes 2000
Homicidal Intent Vivian Chern 2000
The Fourth Hand John Irving 2000
Simon Sez Kevin Cahill 2000
Acceptable Risk Robin Cook 2000
Mutant Peter Clement 2000
The Mind Game Hector MacDonald 2000
Deep Sleep Charles Wilson 2000
Aphrodite Russell Andrews 2000
Adrenaline John B. Olson 2000
Covenants Barbara Karmazin 2000
Revealing the Covenant Rusty Van Reeves 2000
Reign of the Rat Gil Smolin 2000
The Cobra Event Richard Preston 1333.3
Contagion Robin Cook 1200
Waking Walt Larry Pontius 1000
Mindbend Robin Cook 1000
Mesmerized Gayle Lynds 800
Endurance S.L. Viehl 800
Wake Up Dead Christopher Bonn Jonnes 800
Extreme Measures Michael Palmer 800
Ninth Day of Creation Leonard Crane 800
Mirage Matthew J. Costello 800
Life Support Tess Gerritsen 800
The Shifting Tide Anne Perry 800
Fear Nothing Dean Koontz 666.7

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