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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Battleground W.E.B. Griffin 6000
Hornblower and the Hotspur C.S. Forester 6000
Hornblower in the West Indies C.S. Forester 6000
The Commodore C.S. Forester 6000
Hornblower and the Atropos C.S. Forester 6000
Flying Colours C.S. Forester 6000
Lieutenant Hornblower C.S. Forester 6000
Standards Left Ragged Charles White 6000
A Ship of the Line C.S. Forester 6000
Master and Commander Patrick O'Brian 6000
The Cruel Sea Nicholas Monsarrat 6000
World War III, The Beginning Joel M. Fulgham 6000
The Bridges of Toko-ri James A. Michener 6000
San Andreas Alistair MacLean 6000
Night Over the Solomons Louis L'Amour 6000
Iron Coffin John Mannock 6000
Barracuda 945 Patrick Robinson 6000
Typhoon Robin White 6000
The Blooding Of The Guns Alexander Fullerton 6000
Nimitz Class Patrick Robinson 6000
Carrier 14: Typhoon Season Keith Douglass 6000
With Honour in Battle J.T. McDaniel 6000
Piranha Firing Point Michael DiMercurio 6000
Sky Masters Dale Brown 6000
Barracuda Final Bearing Michael DiMercurio 6000
Debt of Honor Tom Clancy 6000
Midshipman Bolitho - Richard Bolitho Series 1 Alexander Kent 6000
Red Storm Rising Tom Clancy 6000
The Hunt For Red October Tom Clancy 4971.4
Hammerheads Dale Brown 3000
Under Fire - The Corps 9 W.E.B. Griffin 3000
Cuba Stephen Coonts 3000
The Sandscrapers: A Forgotten Navy Griffin T . Garnett 2400
Code Name Antidote Paul T. McHenry, III 2400
SSN Tom Clancy 2400
Lord Hornblower C.S. Forester 2400
Icefire Paul and Garfield Reeves-Stevens 2400
The King's Coat Dewey Lambdin 2400
Rogue Warrior : Red Cell Richard Marcinko 2000

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