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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Written in the Stars Nan Ryan 3000
Indigo Blue Catherine Anderson 2000
Comanche Heart Catherine Anderson 2000
Honor Bound Sandra Brown 2000
Comanche Moon Catherine Anderson 2000
Night Flame Catherine Anderson 2000
Silken Savage Catherine Hart 2000
Summer Storm Catherine Hart 2000
My Lord Savage Elizabeth Lane 2000
Rider on Fire Sharon Sala 2000
Silver Feather Cassie Edwards 2000
Firebrand's Woman Vanessa Royall 2000
Savage Courage Cassie Edwards 2000
The Captive Genell Dellin 2000
Savage Destiny Cassie Edwards 2000
Comanche Woman Joan Johnston 2000
Storm Rider Cassie Edwards 2000
Reckless Embrace Madeline Baker 2000
Miranda and the Warrior Elaine Barbieri 2000
Lone Warrior Bobbi Smith 2000
McKenzie's Mountain Linda Howard 2000
Lone Arrow's Pride Karen Kay 2000
Into the Wilderness Sara Donati 2000
Soaring Eagle's Embrace Karen Kay 2000
Wolf Shadow Madeline Baker 2000
Walk Into the Flame Ronda Thompson 2000
Cherokee Warrior: The Loner Genell Dellin 2000
Racing Moon Cassie Edwards 2000
Safe Haven Judy Turner and Cindy Smith 2000
Gray Hawk's Lady Karen Kay 2000
Savage Hope Cassie Edwards 2000
To Find You Again Maureen McKade 2000
Heart of Texas Constance O'Banyon 2000
Wind Walker Cassie Edwards 2000
Dreamquest Janet Wellington 2000
The Awakening Fire Kelley Pounds 2000
Late Bloomer Melissa Pritchard 2000
Fierce Eden Jennifer Blake 2000
Blaze Susan Johnson 2000
Savage Trust Cassie Edwards 2000
Only Mine Elizabeth Lowell 2000
Chieftain Nan Ryan 2000
Night Wolf Cassie Edwards 2000
Corn Maiden Joyce Jones 2000
White Shadow Susan Edwards 2000
Across the Sweet Grass Hills Gail L. Jenner 2000
A Savage Beauty Merline Lovelace 2000
Savage Splendor Cassie Edwards 2000
Savage Hero Cassie Edwards 2000
High Wind Rising Shirley Martin 1400

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