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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
The Pirate Lord Sabrina Jeffries 2000
Sea Of Hope Penelope Marzec 2000
Return of the Gypsy Philippa Carr 2000
To Meet Again Elaine Barbieri 2000
The Pirate and the Pagan Virginia Henley 2000
A Rose in Winter Kathleen E. Woodiwiss 2000
My Favorite Thief Karyn Monk 2000
Amelia and the Outlaw Lorraine Heath 2000
The Third Wife Jasmine Cresswell 2000
Violets Are Blue Ronda Thompson 2000
Prince Charming Gaelen Foley 2000
Undercover Lover Kylie Brant 2000
The Touch of Fire Linda Howard 2000
To Tempt a Rogue Connie Mason 2000
Morning Glory LaVyrle Spencer 2000
Body Heat Susan Fox 2000
Passion's Triumph Erica Hollis 2000
The Mother Load Cindy Packard 1400
Billy Bob Walker Got Married Lisa G. Brown 1000
The Cajun Cowboy Sandra Hill 1000
Everything N.B. Baker 1000
Hot Ice Nora Roberts 1000
Blind Aphrodite Renee Bernard 1000
Fork in The Road Denis Hamill 1000
No Hiding Place Maureen Dennis 800
The Passion Nicole Jordan 800
Prince of Midnight Laura Kinsale 800
Lone Rider Lauren Bach 800
The Bronze God Sheryl Ellis 800
Once A Pirate Tammy Hilz 600
The Outlaw and the Lady Lorraine Heath 600
The Highwayman Anne Kelleher 600
One Summer Karen Robards 400

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