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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
His Lady Mistress Elizabeth Rolls 2000
Simply Unforgettable Mary Balogh 2000
Love's Encore Sandra Brown 2000
Words of Silk Sandra Brown 2000
Snow Angel Mary Balogh 2000
The Bride of the Delta Queen Janet Dailey 2000
Just One of Those Flings Candice Hern 2000
Fleeting Fancy Rosemary Edghill 2000
Something Naughty, Something Nice Kimberly Raye 2000
Hot and Bothered Susan Anderson 2000
Blackout Linda Howard 2000
Public Displays of Affection Susan Donovan 2000
It's Not You It's Me Allison Rushby 2000
To Make a Marriage Cheryl Anne Porter 2000
Someone to Love Me Francis Ray 2000
Girls of Summer Barbara Bretton 2000
Breathing Room Susan Elizabeth Phillips 2000
Fever Dreams Laura Leone 2000
Hustle, Sweet Love Maggie Davis 1333.3
The Durango Affair Brenda Jackson 1000
I'm In No Mood For Love Rachel Gibson 1000
Love Only Once Johanna Lindsey 1000
Anything You Can Do Darlene Gardner 1000
Blue Flame Jill Shalvis 1000
The Trouble with Valentine's Day Rachel Gibson 400

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