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I Wish I Had a Red Dress Pearl Cleage 2000
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress Dai Sijie 2000
The Drink and Dream Teahouse Justin Hill 2000
Adam Bede George Eliot 2000
But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes Anita Loos 2000
Farmer Jim Harrison 2000
Rush Home Road Lori Lansens 2000
Rain V.C. Andrews 2000
Four Fires Bryce Countenay 2000
Wait Until Spring, Bandini John Fante 2000
The Fall Of Light Niall Williams 2000
The Good Earth Pearl S. Buck 2000
All Quiet on the Orient Express Magnus Mills 2000
Dubliners James Joyce 2000
Evening Class Maeve Binchy 2000
Echoes Maeve Binchy 2000
The Lilac Bus Maeve Binchy 2000
True History of the Kelly Gang Peter Carey 2000
Potatoes are Cheaper Max Shulman 2000
Nervous Conditions Tsitsi Dangarembga 2000
Jews Without Money Michael Gold 2000
A Raisen in the Sun Lorraine Hansberry 2000
Dreams of Joy Lisa See 2000
Tell It Not In Gath C. Vernon Hines 2000
The Space Between Us Thrity Umrigar 2000
Becoming Esperanza Rising Pam Munoz Ryan 2000
Tracks Louise Erdrich 2000
A Place for Joey Carol Flynn Harris 2000
Across the Lakes Amal Chatterjee 2000
Tapestries Kien Nguyen 2000
Leaving Ireland Ann Moore 2000
Woman Running in the Mountains Yuko Tsushima 2000
Fishbowl Sarah Mlynowski 2000
In the Walled Gardens Anahita Farouz 2000
The Hunger Carol Drinkwater 2000
Clay's Quilt Silas House 2000
And the Shadows Took Him Daniel Chacon 2000
The Escape from Home - Beyond the Western Sea 1 Avi 2000
Big Girls Don't Cry Connie Briscoe 2000
A Gathering of Old Men Ernest J. Gaines 1800
My Fair Lady Monica Dickens 1600
A House for Mr. Biswas V.S. Naipaul 1400
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn Betty Smith 1000
The Return of the Native Thomas Hardy 1000
Going Home Samuel Alesich 1000
Roots Alex Haley 1000
Island Harp Jeannie Williams 1000
Spilled Water Sally Grindley 1000
Temporary Insanity Leslie Carroll 1000
Our Lady of the Circus David Toscana 1000

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