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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
A Choir of Ill Children Tom Piccirilli 2000
A Fine Dark Line Joe R. Lansdale 2000
Moody In Winter Steve Oliver 2000
Acceptable Losses Irwin Shaw 2000
Almost True Confessions Jane O'Connor 2000
The Mansion William Faulkner 2000
The Witness Nora Roberts 2000
The Deep End Joy Fielding 2000
The Search Geoff Dyer 1000
If You Walked in My Shoes Gwynne Forster 1000
Dating Games R.M. Johnson 1000
Full Tilt Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes 1000
Dance Upon the Air Nora Roberts 1000
What Memories Remain Cait London 1000
Backpack Emily Barr 1000
Does She or Doesn't She? Alisa Kwitney 800
Double Play Robert B. Parker 800
Mimosa Grove Dinah McCall 800
How Not to Spend Your Senior Year Cameron Dokey 800
Folly Laurie R. King 800
The Roofer Erica Orloff 600
Zuckerman Unbound Philip Roth 600

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