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A Spy for the Redeemer Candace Robb 3000
Nash, Metropolitan Frank Sennett 3000
The Mummy Case Elizabeth Peters 3000
The Body Farm Patricia Cornwell 3000
A Sensitive Kind of Murder Jaqueline Girdner 3000
My Body Lies Over the Ocean J.S. Borthwick 3000
The Slaying Of The Shrew Simon Hawke 3000
The Clerk's Tale Margaret Frazer 3000
Bloodroot Susan Wittig Albert 3000
Ghost Towns Betsy Thornton 3000
The Foxes of Warwick - Domesday Books 12 Edward Marston 3000
No Man Standing Barbara Seranella 3000
White Shell Woman James D. Doss 3000
For Whom Death Tolls Kate Kingsbury 3000
Basket Case Carl Hiaasen 3000
The Ice Curtain Robin White 3000
The Happy Birthday Murder Lee Harris 3000
The Dream Of The Broken Horses William Bayer 3000
Queen Of Ambition Fiona Buckley 3000
Hit Time Ardella Garland 3000
Confidence Woman Judith Van Gieson 3000
Gruel and Unusual Punishment Tamar Myers 3000
The Cat Who Went Up The Creek Lilian Jackson Braun 3000
Bad Seed Beth Saulnier 3000
Old Saxon Blood Leonard Tourney 3000
The Fourth Perimeter Tim Green 3000
Black Gold Charles O'Brien 3000
Don't Look Back Amanda Quick 3000
Wet Grave Barbara Hambly 3000
Blood Of Others Rick Mofina 3000
Silence Is Golden Jeanne M. Dams 3000
Mrs. Malory and the Delay Of Execution Hazel Holt 3000
Savage Run C.J. Box 3000
The Importance Of Being Ernestine Dorothy Cannell 3000
The Criminal Jim Thompson 3000
Disquiet Heart Randall Silvis 3000
Cold Company Sue Henry 3000
The Patient's Eyes: The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes David Pirie 3000
The Waking Mike Nichols 3000
Roux The Day Peter King 3000
A Playdate With Death Ayelet Waldman 3000
A Fine and Bitter Snow Dana Stabenow 3000
Hot Spot Michael Craft 3000
The Sky is Falling Sidney Sheldon 3000
The Golden One Elizabeth Peters 3000
The Etruscan Chimera Lyn Hamilton 3000
Hot Pursuit Nora Kelly 3000
The Bloodied Cravat Rosemary Stevens 3000
Deadly Desire Brenda Joyce 3000
The Boric Acid Murder Camille Minichino 3000

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