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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
The Devil's Hand - Robotech 1 Jack McKinney 2000
Force of Arms - Robotech 5 Jack McKinney 2000
Homecoming - Robotech 3 Jack McKinney 2000
Battle Cry Jack McKinney 2000
The Voyage of the Star Wolf David Gerrold 2000
The Far Side of the Stars David Drake 2000
Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Unifying Force James Luceno 2000
Death to the Insectoids! Steven Gordon 2000
Special Ops Squad: Deep Strike Rick Shelley 2000
Attack of the Rockoids Gene Steinberg and Grayson Steinberg 2000
Escape from the Insectoids Steven Gordon 2000
The Gathering Flame - Mageworlds 4 Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald 2000
In Enemy Hands - Honor Harrington 7 David Weber 2000
Honor Among Enemies - Honor Harrington 6 David Weber 2000
Flag In Exile - Honor Harrington 5 David Weber 2000
The Truce At Bakura Kathy Tyers 2000
Star Conquerors Ben Bova 2000
Redemption Ark Alastair Reynolds 2000
Star Wars X-Wing Iron Fist Aaron Allston 2000
Star Wars X-Wing Solo Command Aaron Allston 2000
Fleet Command's Enigma Ship John B. Bolton 2000
Thunder in Space B.J. Bennett 2000
The Shadow of Saganami David Weber 2000
Mercenary - Bio of a Space Tyrant 2 Piers Anthony 2000
Berserker Fred Saberhagen 2000
Star Wars: Darksaber Kevin J. Anderson 2000
Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Vonda N. McIntyre 2000
Heir to the Empire - Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy 1 Timothy Zahn 2000
Dark Tide I: Onslaught - Star Wars, The New Jedi Order 2 Michael A. Stackpole 2000
Rogue Squadron - Star Wars, X-Wing 1 Michael A. Stackpole 2000
The Bacta War - Star Wars, X-Wing 4 Michael A. Stackpole 2000
The Forge Of God Greg Bear 2000
We All Died At Breakaway Station Richard C. Meredith 2000
A Deepness In The Sky Vernor Vinge 2000
Isard's Revenge - Star Wars, X-Wing 8 Michael A. Stackpole 2000
The Short Victorious War - Honor Harrington 3 David Weber 2000
Once A Hero Elizabeth Moon 2000
The Dark Wing Walter H. Hunt 2000
Invasion of the Insectoids Steven Gordon 1500
The Myriad R.M. Meluch 1400
Dark Tide II: Ruin - Star Wars, The New Jedi Order 3 Michael A. Stackpole 1400
On Basilisk Station - Honor Harrington 1 David Weber 1400
The Best Military Science Fiction of the 20th Century Harry Turtledove and Martin H. Greenberg 1200
Jedi Search - Jedi Academy Trilogy 1 Kevin J. Anderson 1000
Fireships David Drake 1000
The Armageddon Inheritance David Weber 1000
The Middle of Nowhere David Gerrold 1000
Star Wars: Dark Journey Elaine Cunningham 1000
Betrayal Aaron Allston 1000
The Fall of Hyperion Dan Simmons 1000

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