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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Bless the Beasts Karen Haber 40000
Best Destiny Diane Carey 40000
Sarek A.C. Crispin 40000
Ishmael Barbara Hambly 40000
Uhura's Song Janet Kagan 40000
Star Trek: The Ashes of Eden William Shatner 40000
The Return William Shatner 40000
Spock's World Diane Duane 40000
Vulcan's Heart Josepha Sherman and Susan Schwartz 40000
All Good Things... Michael Jan Friedman 40000
Section 31 - Rogue Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin 40000
A Stitch in Time - Star Trek Deep Space Nine 27 Andrew J. Robinson 40000
The Murdered Sun - Star Trek Voyager 6 Christie Golden 40000
Marooned - Star Trek Voyager 14 Christie Golden 40000
Immortal Coil - Star Trek The Next Generation Jeffrey Lang 40000
The Garden - Star Trek Voyager 11 Melissa Scott 40000
Pathways - Star Trek Voyager Jeri Taylor 40000
Caretaker - Star Trek Voyager L.A. Graf 40000
Double Helix: Double or Nothing Peter David 40000
Star Trek Celebrations Maureen McTigue 40000
Mosaic - Star Trek Voyager Jeri Taylor 40000
Q-Squared Peter David 40000
Imzadi Peter David 40000
Star Trek: The Lost Years J.M. Dillard 40000
The Flaming Arrow - Star Trek New Earth 4 Kathy Oltion and Jerry Oltion 40000
Perry's Planet Jack C. Haldeman II 40000
Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Vonda N. McIntyre 40000
Mudd's Angels J.A. Lawrence 40000
Double, Double Michael Jan Friedman 40000
Star Trek V The Final Frontier J.M. Dillard 40000

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