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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
The Guns of the South: a Novel of the Civil War Harry Turtledove 2000
Devoted Alice Borchardt 2000
The Crystal Shard - Icewind Trilogy 1 R.A. Salvatore 2000
Mercenary - Bio of a Space Tyrant 2 Piers Anthony 2000
Ender's Game - Ender 1 Orson Scott Card 2000
Berserker Fred Saberhagen 2000
The Return of the King J.R.R. Tolkien 2000
Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Vonda N. McIntyre 2000
Heir to the Empire - Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy 1 Timothy Zahn 2000
Dark Tide I: Onslaught - Star Wars, The New Jedi Order 2 Michael A. Stackpole 2000
Star Wars: Darksaber Kevin J. Anderson 2000
Rogue Squadron - Star Wars, X-Wing 1 Michael A. Stackpole 2000
A Call To Arms Alan Dean Foster 2000
The Spoils of War Alan Dean Foster 2000
The Nameless Day Sara Douglass 2000
Falling Stars Michael Flynn 2000
Stalking the Nightmare Harlan Ellison 2000
Fireworks James A. Moore 2000
The Bacta War - Star Wars, X-Wing 4 Michael A. Stackpole 2000
The Reality Dysfunction Peter F. Hamilton 2000
Sword and Sorceress XVIII Marion Zimmer Bradley and Elisabeth Waters 2000
Interstellar Empire John Brunner 2000
Hosts: a Repairman Jack Novel F. Paul Wilson 2000
Isard's Revenge - Star Wars, X-Wing 8 Michael A. Stackpole 2000
Gust Front John Ringo 2000
A Deepness In The Sky Vernor Vinge 2000
Wild Cards Howard Waldrop 2000
Charlemagne's Time Machine Oliver Henkel 2000
The Sapphire Throne - Jewelfire Trilogy 2 Freda Warrington 2000
Time Future Maxine McArthur 2000
Starcruiser Falcon Derand Drake 2000
The Mercenary Jerry Pournelle 2000
Mindbridge Joe Haldeman 2000
Edge of Victory I : Conquest Greg Keyes 2000
The Storm Of Heaven Thomas Harlan 2000
A Gathering Evil Michael A. Stackpole 2000
Spec Ops Squad Rick Shelley 2000
Dark Dreams - Last T'en Trilogy 2 Cory Daniells 2000
Psychic Warrior: Project Aura Robert Doherty 2000
King's Dragon Kate Elliott 2000
DeathDay William C. Dietz 2000
World Fall Douglas Niles 2000
We All Died At Breakaway Station Richard C. Meredith 2000
The Forge Of God Greg Bear 2000
The Dragon in the Sword Michael Moorcock 2000
The Fall of Hyperion Dan Simmons 2000
Destiny: Child of the Sky Elizabeth Haydon 2000
The Sword of Bedwyr - Crimson Shadow 1 R.A. Salvatore 2000
Salt Adam Roberts 2000
Present Tense: Round Two of the Great Game David Duncan 2000

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