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White Mountain Dinah McCall 5000
An Hour To Kill: Love, Murder, and Justice In A Small Southern Town Billy Hills and Dale Hudson 5000
Point Deception Marcia Muller 5000
A Fountain Filled with Blood Julia Spencer-Fleming 5000
And Flesh and Blood So Cheap Wayne D. Dundee 5000
Shadow Of Doubt Linda Morelli 5000
The Alpine Christmas Mary Daheim 5000
Late Bloomer Fern Michaels 5000
Have You Seen Dawn? Steven Saylor 5000
Crossed Bones Carolyn Haines 5000
The Moor Laurie R. King 5000
She's Not There Mary-Ann Tirone Smith 5000
Old Murders Frankie Y. Bailey 5000
Naked Prey John Sandford 5000
Buried In Burrywood Lana Waite 5000
Restored to Death Nancy Bell 5000
Death and the Ice Box Linda Berry 5000
Death, Bones, and Stately Home Valerie S. Malmont 5000
Wolf Tracks Ann Campbell 5000
Dating Can Be Murder Jennifer Apodaca 5000
The Cranefly Orchid Murders Cynthia Riggs 5000
Shadow Of An Angel Mignon F. Ballard 5000
Ash Child Peter Bowen 5000
Bones In The Attic Robert Barnard 5000
Murder Of A Sleeping Beauty Denise Swanson 5000
Just Desserts Claudia Bishop 5000
Posted To Death Dean James 5000
Sinister Heights Loren D. Estleman 5000
Banshee Rising Walter Ihlefield 5000
The Beach Front Murders Tom Howard 5000
Rim of Heaven Tom Howard 5000
In The Blink Of An Eye Wendy Corsi Staub 5000
Quissett Gordon Mathieson 5000
Evans To Betsy Rhys Bowen 5000
Eureka William Diehl 5000
Splintered Bones Carolyn Haines 5000
The Wheat Field Steve Thayer 5000
Catch As Cat Can Rita Mae Brown 5000
Blueberry Muffin Murder Joanne Fluke 5000
The Body In The Bonfire Katherine Hall Page 5000
White Shell Woman James D. Doss 5000
A Good Hanging Ian Rankin 5000
For Whom Death Tolls Kate Kingsbury 5000
No Comfort In Victory Gregory Bean 5000
Eye of the Storm Marcia Muller 5000
Ask the Cards a Question Marcia Muller 5000
Bones And Silence Reginald Hill 5000
Gruel and Unusual Punishment Tamar Myers 5000
The Last Housewife Jon Katz 5000
The Cat Who Went Up The Creek Lilian Jackson Braun 5000

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