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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Intruder in the Dust William Faulkner 5000
Devil in a Blue Dress Walter Mosley 5000
Indian Killer Sherman Alexie 5000
Dark of the Moon P.J. Parrish 5000
Are You Nuts? Mark Richard Zubro 5000
In the Heat of the Night John Ball 5000
Darkness Within Steven A. Pajak 5000
The Quiet Game Greg Iles 5000
Seneca Falls Inheritance Miriam Grace Monfredo 5000
Sex, Murder and a Double Latte Kyra Davis 5000
Embroidered Truths Monica Ferris 5000
Living In Darkness John A. Roynesdal 5000
Home Killings Marcos McPeek Villatoro 5000
The Popsicle Tree Dorien Grey 5000
Trip Wire Charlotte Carter 5000
Moth and Flame John Morgan Wilson 5000
Dying in the Dark Valerie Wilson Wesley 5000
A Watery Grave Joan Druett 5000
Black Betty Walter Mosley 5000
Love and Death in Brooklyn Glenville Lovell 5000
White Butterfly Walter Mosley 5000
Dead Water Barbara Hambly 5000
Hasty Death Marion Chesney 5000
File Under Dead Mark Richard Zubro 5000
Little Scarlet Walter Mosley 5000
Murder on Nob Hill Shirley Tallman 5000
Detective Inspector Huss Helene Tursten 5000
Mississippi Trial, 1955 Chris Crowe 5000
Louisa and The Missing Heiress Anna Maclean 5000
The Last Juror John Grisham 5000
Doctored Evidence Donna Leon 5000
Stone Cribs Kris Nelscott 5000
Deadly Discrimination Lorie Ham 5000
Beaulah Hill William Heffernan 5000
Death In Dark Waters Patricia Hall 5000
The Outcast Dove Sharan Newman 5000
Sky Woman Falling Kirk Mitchell 5000
Too Beautiful to Die Glenville Lovell 5000
Jackson Park Charlotte Carter 5000
Dirty Laundry Paula L. Woods 5000
Burning Moon Richard Barre 5000
A Lady Never Trifles with Thieves Suzann Ledbetter 5000
True Believers Jane Haddam 5000
Faked To Death Dean James 5000
Parental Source Chris Freeburn 5000
The Emperor of Ocean Park Stephen L. Carter 5000
The Last Witness Joel Goldman 5000
Murder on Mulberry Bend Victoria Thompson 5000
Matricide at St. Martha's Ruth Dudley Edwards 5000
The White Road John Connolly 5000

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