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Much Ado About Murder Simon Hawke 5000
Celt and Pepper Ralph McInerny 5000
Uncovering Sadie's Secrets Libby Sternberg 5000
Mistletoe and Murder Carola Dunn 5000
The Terra-Cotta Dog Andrea Camilleri 5000
Unhinged Sarah Graves 5000
Blues In the Night Rochelle Krich 5000
Solomon Spring Michelle Black 5000
Died to Match Deborah Donnelly 5000
Stone Kiss Faye Kellerman 5000
Muse Michael Cecilione 5000
A Spy for the Redeemer Candace Robb 5000
The Bride's Kimono Sujata Massey 5000
Bone House Betsy Tobin 5000
Murder in the Blood Gene DeWeese 5000
Primitive Secrets Deborah Turrell Atkinson 5000
Blue Moon Peter Duchin and John Morgan Wilson 5000
Bone Mountain Eliot Pattison 5000
Scavengers Steven F. Havill 5000
Bone of Contention Roberta Gellis 5000
A Letter of Mary Laurie R. King 5000
Beware the Solitary Drinker Cornelius Lehane 5000
An Experiment In Treason Bruce Alexander 5000
Only Child Andrew Vachss 5000
Cold Day in July Stella Cameron 5000
Bayou Moon C.L. Bevill 5000
The Princeton Murders Ann Waldron 5000
Indigo Dying Susan Wittig Albert 5000
Gone Tomorrow Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 5000
The Sniper's Wife Archer Mayor 5000
Death of Riley Rhys Bowen 5000
On Edge Barbara Fister 5000
Heresy Sharan Newman 5000
Dig Deep for Murder Kate Kingsbury 5000
Fashion Victim Chloe Green 5000
Body Wave Nancy J. Cohen 5000
Street Money Bill Kent 5000
Good Bad Woman Elizabeth Woodcraft 5000
Rubbed Out Barbara Block 5000
Hold the Cream Cheese, Kill the Lox Sharon Kahn 5000
Bad Faith Aimee and David Thurlo 5000
Cold Logic C.J.R. Casewit 5000
Going Down for the Count David Stukas 5000
Blood Junction Caroline Carver 5000
The Fugitive King Sarah R. Shaber 5000
The Death Artist Jonathan Santlofer 5000
The Saint John's Fern Kate Sedley 5000
A Body in the Bathhouse Lindsey Davis 5000
Southern Latitudes Stephen J. Clark 5000
The Shadow Dancer Margaret Coel 5000

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