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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Dissolution a Novel of Tudor England C.J. Sansom 5000
Broken Wings John Douglas 5000
When Red is Black Qiu Xialong 5000
Naked in Death - Death Series 1 J.D. Robb 5000
Conviction Elise Title 5000
A Feast of Poisons C.L. Grace 5000
Sugar Skull Denise Hamilton 5000
Secrets From The Couch Sandra Levy Ceren 5000
To Shield the Queen Fiona Buckley 5000
Shadow Account Stephen Frey 5000
Conspiracy Allan Topol 5000
Political Suicide Alan Russell 5000
General Obsession Fred Silverstein 5000
The Fig Tree Murder Michael Pearce 5000
Up In Smoke Charlene Weir 5000
Shadow of Death William G. Tapply 5000
Fatal Dead Lines John Luciew 5000
The Queene's Christmas Karen Harper 5000
A Time Gone By William Heffernan 5000
At the Stroke of Madness Alex Kava 5000
The Judge and his Executioner (Hangman) Friedrich Durrenmatt 5000
The Snack Thief Andrea Camilleri 5000
The Face of Deception Iris Johansen 5000
Fletch and the Man Who Gregory McDonald 5000
The Cold Moon Jeffery Deaver 5000
City of Shadows Ariana Franklin 5000
The House of Death: a Mystery of Alexander the Great P. C. Doherty 5000
Suffer Little Children Peter Tremayne 5000
Dark Fire C.J. Sansom 5000
A Drink Before The War Dennis Lehane 5000
Set in Darkness Ian Rankin 5000
A Confidential Source Jan Brogan 5000
Year of the Hyenas Brad Geagley 5000
The One Thing More Anne Perry 5000
Murder, He Guessed C.D. Moulton 5000
The Horus Killings Paul Doherty 5000
Let It Bleed Ian Rankin 5000
Strip Jack Ian Rankin 5000
The Coroner's Lunch Colin Cotterill 5000
Deadline Metsy Hingle 5000
The Siren Queen Fiona Buckley 5000
Parthian Shot David Wishart 5000
Murder in the Blue Room Elliott Roosevelt 5000
The Dangerous Hour Marcia Muller 5000
Darker Than Night John Lutz 5000
Free Fall Kyle Mills 5000
Presumed Innocent Scott Turow 5000
A Murder of Justice Robert Andrews 5000
Alone with the Dead Robert J. Randisi 5000
Weighed in the Balance Anne Perry 5000

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