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White Lies Michael R. Salinas 2000
The Legacy D.W. Buffa 2000
Unfit To Practice Perri O'Shaughnessy 2000
Trophy Widow Michael A. Kahn 2000
Mortal Allies Brian Haig 2000
Flesh Tones M.J. Rose 2000
Open and Shut David Rosenfelt 2000
Vertical Burn Earl Emerson 2000
Hounds and Jackals Tom Howard 2000
Final Justice Nancy Kopp 2000
Juror Number Eleven Terry Devane 2000
Act Of God Susan R. Sloan 2000
A Clean Kill Mike Stewart 2000
A Tangled Web Gregory Lions 2000
The Jazz Bird Craig Holden 2000
Screenscam Michael Bowen 2000
The Richmond Diary Peter Rawlinson 2000
Red Dust Gillian Slovo 2000
Moment Of Truth Christiane Heggan 2000
Motion To Kill Joel Goldman 2000
Conflict Of Interest Nancy Taylor Rosenberg 2000
Incriminating Evidence Sheldon Siegel 2000
Stillwatch Mary Higgins Clark 2000
Exclusive Sandra Brown 2000
Enemy Within Robert K. Tanenbaum 2000
Misfortune Nancy Geary 2000
Suspicion Of Vengeance Barbara Parker 2000
Shades of Justice Fredrick Huebner 2000
Guilty As Sin Tami Hoag 2000
The One That Got Away Naomi Rand 2000
The Jump Martina Cole 2000
Natural Suspect William Bernhardt 2000
The Face of Justice Bill Blum 2000
Black Water Transit Carsten Stroud 2000
Without Sin Charles Smithdeal 2000
Billy Strobe John Martel 2000
The Stone Of Light:: Paneb The Ardent Christian Jacq 2000
Witness For The Defense Jonnie Jacobs 2000
Murder One William Bernhardt 2000
Salem Falls Jodi Picoult 2000
The Hearing John Lescroart 2000
Uncommon Justice Terry Devane 2000
Headwind John J. Nance 2000
The Twylight Tower Karen Harper 2000
Rags And Bones Michael Nava 2000
The Vendetta Defense Lisa Scottoline 2000
Straw Men Martin J. Smith 2000
Trust Fund Stephen Frey 2000
The Family Man Michael S. Patterson 2000
Paradise Interrupted Penny Mickelbury 2000

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