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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Bone House Betsy Tobin 5000
Death and the Chaste Apprentice Robert Barnard 5000
Right As Rain George P. Pelecanos 5000
Hiding in Plain Sight Christine Janis 5000
Skeleton in the Grass Robert Barnard 5000
A Murder Of Honor Robert Andrews 5000
Cat and Mouse James Patterson 5000
The Scottish Ploy Quinn Fawcett 5000
Death of a Dentist M.C. Beaton 5000
Line Of Vision David Ellis 5000
The Cut Out Francine Mathews 5000
The Secret Ingredients Murder Nancy Pickard 5000
Dog Island Mike Stewart 5000
The Black Dahlia James Ellroy 5000
Blindsided Clyde Phillips 5000
One Last Goodbye Joyce and Jim Lavene 5000
Winterwood Dorothy Eden 5000
The Curse of the Pharaohs Elizabeth Peters 5000
Randum Evil Aleta Custer 5000
Death of a Hussy M.C. Beaton 5000
Godchild Vincent Zandori 5000
Authorized Personnel Only Barbara D'Amato 5000
Roses Are Red James Patterson 5000
Slaves of Obsession Anne Perry 5000
The Bad Samaritan Robert Bernard 5000
Talking God Tony Hillerman 5000
Fantomas Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre 5000
Stalker Faye Kellerman 5000
A Free Man of Color Barbara Hambly 5000
From Potter's Field Patricia Cornwell 5000
Payment in Kind J.A. Jance 5000
Night Passage Carol Davis Luce 5000
Solo Jack Higgins 5000
The Other Daughter Lisa Gardner 5000
Two for the Dough Janet Evanovich 5000
Cover Story Colin Forbes 5000
The Black Mask Boys William F. Nolan 5000
Muse Michael Cecilione 5000
Cimarron Rose James Lee Burke 5000
Marathon Man William Goldman 5000
Worst Fears Realized Stuart Woods 5000
The Thomas Berryman Number James Patterson 5000
Along Came a Spider James Patterson 5000
Last Suppers Diane Mott Davidson 5000
Original Sin P.D. James 5000
Murderous Greed Calley Moore 5000
The Mystery Club Calley Moore 5000
Judgement in Death J.D. Robb 5000
Blood and Rubles Stuart Kaminsky 5000
Death Train To Boston Dianne Day 5000

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