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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Dead Tide Jeannine Kadow 1000
State of Mind John Katzenbach 1000
Triggerfish Twist Tim Dorsey 1000
Long Lost David Morrell 1000
Dick Contino's Blues James Ellroy 1000
The Poisoned Rose D. Daniel Judson 1000
Final Cut Billie Sue Mosiman 1000
Moving Target Elizabeth Lowell 1000
Hush, It's a Game Patricia Carlon 1000
Open Season Linda Howard 1000
The Righteous Cut Robert Skinner 1000
Heartbreaker Julie Garwood 1000
Fatal Truth Robin Burcell 1000
Night Moves Janelle Taylor 1000
Leave No Trace Hannah Nyala 1000
Deadly Embrace Jackie Collins 1000
A Thin Dark Line Tami Hoag 1000
Back From The Dead Chris Petit 1000
Coincidence David Ambrose 1000
All the Little Birdies Dan Allison 1000
The Program Stephen White 1000
Silent Screams Annette Gisby 1000
In The Forest Of Harm Sallie Bissell 1000
A Mystery Of Errors Simon Hawke 1000
When Night Falls Linda Anderson 1000
I Know What You Did Last Summer Lois Duncan 1000
Unspeakable Sandra Brown 1000
The Witness Sandra Brown 1000
Nowhere To Hide Joan Hall Hovey 1000
Cold Fear Rick Mofina 1000
Dead North Sue Henry 1000
White Darkness Steven D. Salinger 1000
Clouds Lawrance George Lux 1000
Split Second Alex Kava 1000
The Lonely Places J.M. Morris 1000
Savage Run C.J. Box 1000
The Tavern In The Morning Alys Clare 1000
Courting Trouble Lisa Scottoline 1000
Hard Eight Janet Evanovich 1000
The Survivors Club Lisa Gardner 1000
Now You See It... Richard Matheson 1000
Death a L'Orange Nancy Fairbanks 1000
Anchoress Of Shere Paul Moorcraft 1000
The Burying Field Kenneth Abel 1000
A Dark Wyoming Wind Emma Kennedy 1000
The Bone Orchard D. Daniel Judson 1000
The Case Of The Ripper's Revenge Sam McCarver 1000
Three Fates Nora Roberts 1000
Cold Heart Chandler McGrew 1000
Point Fury John Maxwell 1000

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