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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
The Man Within Lora Leigh 2000
The Book Of Night With Moon Diane Duane 2000
To Visit The Queen Diane Duane 2000
Dawn: Warriors The New Prophecy #3 Erin Hunter 2000
Moonrise: Warriors The New Prophecy # 2 Erin Hunter 2000
The Darkest Hour: Warriors # 6 Erin Hunter 2000
Forest of Secrets: Warriors # 3 Erin Hunter 2000
Fire and Ice: Warriors # 2 Erin Hunter 2000
Midnight: Warriors, The New Prophecy # 1 Erin Hunter 2000
A Dangerous Path: Warriors #5 Erin Hunter 2000
Rising Storm: Warriors #4 Erin Hunter 2000
Into the Wild: Warriors #1 Erin Hunter 2000
Haydn of Mars Al Sarrantonio 2000
Fudoki Kij Johnson 2000
Waiting for Gertrude Bill Richardson 2000
Ghatti's Tale: Finders-Seekers Gayle Greeno 2000
Bag of Bones Helen Cresswell 2000
The Life and Times of Rapunzel Staci Layne Wilson 2000
Libra: The Cat Who Saved Silicon Valley Lincoln Taiz 2000
The Golden Cat Gabriel King 2000
The Wild Road Gabriel King 2000
Rejar Dara Joy 1000
Tailchaser's Song Tad Williams 1000

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