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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Cutting Edge Robert W. Walker 1000
Murder In The Forecast Valerie Wolzien 1000
Exclusive Sandra Brown 1000
Rising Sun Michael Crichton 1000
The Music of the Spheres Elizabeth Redfern 1000
Midsummer Murder Shelley Freydont 1000
Yeats is Dead: A Mystery by 15 Irish Writers Joseph O'Connor 1000
The Muse Asylum David Czuchlewski 1000
A Place of Execution Val McDermid 1000
Angel In Black Max Allan Collins 1000
The Fourth Wall Beth Saulnier 1000
Hearse of A Different Color Tim Cockey 1000
Summer of Storms Judith Kelman 1000
Honeymoons Can Be Murder Connie Shelton 1000
Right As Rain George P. Pelecanos 1000
A Suitable Vengeance Elizabeth George 1000
Christmas Cookie Murder Leslie Meier 1000
Malice in the Highlands Graham Thomas 1000
Skeleton in the Grass Robert Barnard 1000
Rode Hard, Put Away Dead Sinclair Browning 1000
Beulah Hill William Heffernan 1000
Paradise Interrupted Penny Mickelbury 1000
The Midnight Side Natasha Mosteri 1000
L.A. Justice Christopher Darden and Dick Lochte 1000
Murder Me Now Annette Meyers 1000
Dying for Charisma Calley Moore 1000
The Secret Ingredients Murder Nancy Pickard 1000
Twanged Carol Higgins Clark 1000
Extreme Measures Michael Palmer 1000
Cabin of Death Calley Moore 1000
The Black Dahlia James Ellroy 1000
Nash, Metropolitan Frank Sennett 1000
Lights Out R.L. Stine 1000
Sunburn R.L. Stine 1000
Easy Prey John Sandford 1000
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Ham Phyllis Richman 1000
A River Out Of Eden John Hockenberry 1000
Dust to Dust Tami Hoag 1000
The Triumph Of Katie Byrne Barbara Taylor Bradford 1000
Stabbing Stephanie Evan Marshal 1000
Unfinished Business Barbara Seranella 1000
Resort To Murder Carolyn Hart 1000
Witness For The Defense Jonnie Jacobs 1000
You Only Die Twice Edna Buchanan 1000
The Breaker Minette Walters 1000
Pale Gray for Guilt John D. MacDonald 1000
The Dirty Duck Martha Grimes 1000
The Potter's Field Ellis Peters 1000
Windmills of the Gods Sidney Sheldon 1000
Reckless Homicide Ira Genberg 1000

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