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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Hunting Badger Tony Hillerman 1000
Dark Rose Mike Lunnon-Wood 1000
Simple Justice John Morgan Wilson 1000
Dolores Claiborne Stephen King 1000
The Fencing Master Arturo Perez-Reverte 1000
The Burning Man Phillip Margolin 1000
Seven Sisters Earlene Fowler 1000
Suspicion of Malice Barbara Parker 1000
Dove in the Window Earlene Fowler 1000
Fast One Paul Cain 1000
A Tan and Sandy Silence John D. MacDonald 1000
Trust Me on This Donald Westlake 1000
Champagne for One Rex Stout 1000
Fer-de-Lance Rex Stout 1000
The Documents in the Case Dorothy L. Sayers 1000
A Murder in Thebes Anna Apostolou 1000
The Reigate Squires Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1000
Unnatural Death Dorothy L. Sayers 1000
The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare Lilian Jackson Braun 1000
Running Wild J. G. Ballard 1000
Tell Me Your Dreams Sidney Sheldon 1000
Privileged Information Stephen White 1000
Heartstone Phillip Margolin 1000
Waterloo: Sharpe's Final Adventure Campaign Bernard Cornwell 1000
Fail Safe Eugene Burdick 1000
Zero Minus Ten Raymond Benson 1000
Quicksilver Paul and Garfield Reeves-Stevens 1000
The Long Walk Stephen King 1000
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1000
Personal Injuries Scott Turow 1000
The Holmes Report Volume 1 - The Siam Question Timothy Francis Sheil 1000
10 LB Penalty Dick Francis 1000
Fatal Care Leonard Goldberg 1000
An Hour To Kill: Love, Murder, and Justice In A Small Southern Town Billy Hills and Dale Hudson 1000
Whose Body? Dorothy L. Sayers 1000
Iced Jenny Siler 1000
Died on a Rainy Sunday Joan Aiken 1000
Body Of Lies Iris Johansen 1000
Inspector Imanishi Investigates Seicho Matsumoto 1000
Barracuda Final Bearing Michael DiMercurio 1000
The Enemy Within Larry Bond 1000
Brown's Requiem James Ellroy 1000
Sing a Song to Jenny Next Lawrence Gardella 1000
Last Dance Joyce and Jim Lavene 1000
Virgin Territory Marilyn Todd 1000
The Turn of the Screw Henry James 1000
The Switch Sandra Brown 1000
Hard Time Sara Paretsky 1000
The Naked and the Dead Norman Mailer 1000
Trust Fund Stephen Frey 1000

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