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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Dangerous Lady Martina Cole 1000
Flight of the Old Dog Dale Brown 1000
Kriegspiel Todd Stone 1000
Unspeakable Sandra Brown 1000
The Company Arabella Edge 1000
Game Over Brad Phillps 1000
Hideaway Dean Koontz 1000
Truckstop Lawrance George Lux 1000
Forty Words For Sorrow Giles Blunt 1000
Chosen Prey John Sandford 1000
The Murder Channel John Philpin 1000
The Stone Of Light:: Paneb The Ardent Christian Jacq 1000
A Maiden's Grave Jeffery Deaver 1000
Hiding in Plain Sight Christine Janis 1000
Cookie Cutter Sterling Anthony 1000
Gangster Lorenzo Carcaterra 1000
The Specialists: Nuke Down Chet Cunningham 1000
The Family Man Michael S. Patterson 1000
Line Of Vision David Ellis 1000
The Cut Out Francine Mathews 1000
The Panama Affair Barry Evetts 1000
Nightshade Brian Lawrence 1000
Bring Me Children David Martin 1000
L.A. Requiem Robert Crais 1000
Filth Irvine Welsh 1000
Blood Money Thomas Perry 1000
The Stand Stephen King 1000
Blood Shot Eyes Patrick Picciarelli 1000
Tiger Cruise Douglas Morgan 1000
Blindsided Clyde Phillips 1000
Burning Time Leslie Glass 1000
Payback Samuel Minchen 1000
Rogues Together Edward T. Turner 1000
What's the Worst That Could Happen? Donald Westlake 1000
Solo Jack Higgins 1000
Pest Control Bill Fitzhugh 1000
The Criminal Jim Thompson 1000
Now You See It... Richard Matheson 1000
Night Passage Robert B. Parker 1000
Death Minus Zero John Baker 1000
Hermit's Peak Michael McGarrity 1000
A Darker Justice Sallie Bissell 1000
The Kill Clause Gregg Andrew Hurwitz 1000
Missy's Murder Karen Kingsbury 1000
The Pledge Rob Kean 1000
The Chamber John Grisham 1000
Whispers In The Dark Eleanor Taylor Bland 1000
Because the Night James Ellroy 1000
Blood on the Moon James Ellroy 1000
Sleight of Hand Phillip Margolin 1000

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