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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Chapel Noir Carole Nelson Douglas 1000
Death Is A Cabaret Deborah Morgan 1000
The Gingerbread Man Maggie Shayne 1000
Lilies That Fester Janis Harrison 1000
Bag Limit Steven F. Havill 1000
A Romantic Way To Die Bill Crider 1000
Wedding Day Murder Leslie Meier 1000
The Good German Joseph Kanon 1000
Shades of Murder Ann Granger 1000
The Night Caller John Lutz 1000
Funeral In Blue Anne Perry 1000
Under the Color of Law Michael McGarrity 1000
The Tainted Snuff Box Rosemary Stevens 1000
Fury G.M. Ford 1000
Witness For The Defense Jonnie Jacobs 1000
You Only Die Twice Edna Buchanan 1000
Beyond Belief Roy Johansen 1000
Angel In Black Max Allan Collins 1000
Too High Corson Hirschfeld 1000
The Blue Last Martha Grimes 1000
Guilty As Sin Tami Hoag 1000
The One That Got Away Naomi Rand 1000
McNally's Chance Lawence Sanders 1000
Mad As The Dickens Toni L.P. Kelner 1000
Shadows Of Sin Rochelle Krich 1000
Fleeced Carol Higgins Clark 1000
Quiet Time Stephanie Kane 1000
An Hour To Kill: Love, Murder, and Justice In A Small Southern Town Billy Hills and Dale Hudson 1000
Shooter's Point Gary Phillips 1000
Harvest Of Murder Ann Ripley 1000
Closing Time Jim Fusilli 1000
Ashes Of Aries Martha C. Lawrence 1000
Murder in Four Part Harmony Lorie Ham 1000
A Cold Case Philip Gourevitch 1000
Traitor's Gate Anne Perry 1000
The Death Of An Irish Sinner Bartholomew Gill 1000
Murder Boogies With Elvis Anne George 1000
Little White Lies Ron and Janet Benrey 1000
Vigilante Justice Michael LaRocca 1000
Sketches With Wolves Jacqueline Fiedler 1000
Misfortune Nancy Geary 1000
The Jury Steve Martini 1000
Ode To A Banker Lindsey Davis 1000
Hideaway Dean Koontz 1000
Storm Boris Starling 1000
Ferriman's Law Lee Zion 1000
Uncommon Clay Margaret Maron 1000
Forty Words For Sorrow Giles Blunt 1000
The Garden Plot J.S. Borthwick 1000
Lord Of The Silent Elizabeth Peters 1000

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