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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
The Nearest FarAway Place Ray Crowther 1000
Dream Tapestry Claudia McCants 1000
Killing The Shadows Val McDermid 1000
McNally's Choice Vincent Lardo 1000
The Main Corpse Diane Mott Davidson 1000
The Slaying Of The Shrew Simon Hawke 1000
Because the Night James Ellroy 1000
The Big Bad City Ed McBain 1000
The Hampton Connection Vincent Lardo 1000
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Ham Phyllis Richman 1000
Lou Dunlop: Cliffhanger Glen Ebisch 1000
Lou Dunlop: Private Eye Glen Ebisch 1000
The Murder Channel John Philpin 1000
Honeymoons Can Be Murder Connie Shelton 1000
Malice in the Highlands Graham Thomas 1000
Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear Ed McBain 1000
Candyland Evan Hunter and Ed McBain 1000
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Ed Gorman 1000
Seduction In Death J.D. Robb 1000
Brown's Requiem James Ellroy 1000
Exclusive Sandra Brown 1000
When the Bough Breaks Jonathan Kellerman 1000
Mama Cracks a Mask of Innocence Nora DeLoach 1000
The Alpine Nemesis Mary Daheim 1000
The Deadhouse Linda Fairstein 1000
In A Strange City Laura Lippman 1000
The Jazz Bird Craig Holden 1000
Soft Case John Misak 1000
The Clerk's Tale Margaret Frazer 1000
Peaches and Screams G.A. McKevett 1000
A Dead Man's Honor Frankie Y. Bailey 1000
Dying To Meet You Amy Talford 1000
The Day Trader Stephen Frey 1000
Deadly Grace Taylor Smith 1000
The Man Who Fought Alone Stephen R. Donaldson 1000
A Cold Christmas Charlene Weir 1000
Desert Autumn Michael Craft 1000
Murder By Manicure Nancy J. Cohen 1000
Strawman's Hammock Darryl Wimberley 1000
The Final Country James Crumley 1000
Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Alliance Larry Millett 1000
Hard Frost R.D. Wingfield 1000
Long Time No See Susan Isaacs 1000
The Killing Bee Matt Witten 1000
Watchers Of Time Charles Todd 1000
Massacre Island Martin Hegwood 1000
Bitter Sugar Carolina Garcia-Aguilera 1000
Puzzled To Death Parnell Hall 1000
Last Step Kathleen Walls 1000
Hush Money Robert B. Parker 1000

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