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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Death and the Ice Box Linda Berry 1000
Death, Bones, and Stately Home Valerie S. Malmont 1000
A Burning in Homeland Richard Yancey 1000
Die In Plain Sight Elizabeth Lowell 1000
A Superior Mystery Carl Brookins 1000
Sam's Ghost Tony Ardito 1000
Grace Under Fire Beverly Barton 1000
The Last Gondola Edward Sklepowich 1000
The Bone Garden Kate Ellis 1000
The Lies of Saints Sigmund Brouwer 1000
Murder Past Due D.R. Meredith 1000
Black For Rememberance Carlene Thompson 1000
Morgue Mama, The Cross Kisses Back C.R. Corwin 1000
Mortal Remains Peter Clement 1000
Where the Truth Lies Rupert Holmes 1000
A Time Gone By William Heffernan 1000
A Blind Eye G.M. Ford 1000
Jackson Park Charlotte Carter 1000
Irish Whiskey A Nuala Anne McGrail Novel Andrew Greeley 1000
Cadillac Beach Tim Dorsey 1000
CSI: Double Dealer Max Allan Collins 1000
CSI - Cold Burn Max Allan Collins 1000
Garden of Thorns Lillian Stewart Carl 1000
Sherlock Holmes in New York: The Adventure of the Dead Rabbits Society Philip J. Carraher 1000
Shadows in Scarlet Lillian Stewart Carl 1000
Triple Threat Elizabeth Dearl 1000
A Bone to Pick Charlaine Harris 1000
A Fine Dark Line Joe R. Lansdale 1000
Murder Can Botch Up Your Birthday Selma Eichler 1000
A Blood Red Rose Jerry Buck 1000
The Last Kashmiri Rose Barbara Cleverly 1000
Duplicity Charles H. Johnson, Jr. 1000
Southland Nina Revoyr 1000
The Witch's Grave Phillip DePoy 1000
Relative Danger Charles Benoit 1000
Good Blood Aaron Elkins 1000
Muse Michael Cecilione 1000
The Chatham School Affair Thomas H. Cook 1000
The Last Coyote Michael Connelly 1000
A is for Alibi Sue Grafton 1000
The Blue Last Martha Grimes 1000
Point Deception Marcia Muller 1000
Steps To The Altar Earlene Fowler 1000
Eureka William Diehl 1000
A Rumor of Bones Beverly Connor 1000
The Blood Doctor Barbara Vine 1000
Deadly Pedigree Jimmy Fox 1000
Four Blind Mice James Patterson 1000
Stream of Death: An Ed McAvoy Mystery Bill Stackhouse 1000
Blood on the Tongue Stephen Booth 1000

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