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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Symptoms Of Death Paula Paul 1000
The Etruscan Chimera Lyn Hamilton 1000
A Secret Woman Rachel Pollack 1000
The Pillow Book Of Lady Wisteria Laura Joh Rowland 1000
Sasso James Sturz 1000
Deadly Desire Brenda Joyce 1000
The Reporter Kelly Lange 1000
Murder On Washington Square Victoria Thompson 1000
The Bone Orchard D. Daniel Judson 1000
Without a Trace Tim Miller 1000
Face Down Across The Western Sea Kathy Lynn Emerson 1000
Blue Suede Shoes Daniel Klein 1000
Dying To Please Linda Howard 1000
Juror Number Eleven Terry Devane 1000
This Pen For Hire Laura Levine 1000
A Breach of Promise Anne Perry 1000
A Fine and Bitter Snow Dana Stabenow 1000
Hot Spot Michael Craft 1000
Wildfire at Midnight Mary Stewart 1000
Cold and Pure and Very Dead Joanne Dobson 1000
Rode Hard, Put Away Dead Sinclair Browning 1000
The Mother Tongue Teri Holbrook 1000
Beulah Hill William Heffernan 1000
The Third Victim Lisa Gardner 1000
Candyland Evan Hunter and Ed McBain 1000
The Constant Gardener John Le Carre 1000
Three Blind Mice Ed McBain 1000
Thus Was Adonis Murdered Sarah Caudwell 1000
Miss Pym Disposes Josephine Tey 1000
A River Out Of Eden John Hockenberry 1000
Ring Of Truth Nancy Pickard 1000
Death Stalks the Khmer Patricia Harrington 1000
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman P.D. James 1000
Still Waters Tami Hoag 1000
Tell Me Your Dreams Sidney Sheldon 1000
We'll Meet Again Mary Higgins Clark 1000
The Potter's Field Ellis Peters 1000
Eight Million Ways to Die Lawrence Block 1000
Cimarron Rose James Lee Burke 1000
Champagne for One Rex Stout 1000
Clouds of Witness Dorothy L. Sayers 1000
One Last Goodbye Joyce and Jim Lavene 1000
The Schoolmaster W.J. Burley 1000
Nine Coaches Waiting Mary Stewart 1000
Kansas Troubles Earlene Fowler 1000
Fool's Puzzle Earlene Fowler 1000
The Blue Edge Of Midnight Jonathon King 1000
Not Guilty Patricia MacDonald 1000
Fear of the Dark Gar Anthony Haywood 1000
Murder Of A Sleeping Beauty Denise Swanson 1000

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