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Finding the right book to curl up with just got easier. lets you perform a mind-bogglingly detailed search for whatever you may be looking for. Check off the kind of plot, setting, theme or characters that happen to grab you.
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As the New York Times wrote about us:

" allows you to search for books and movies by hundreds of different elements of plot, theme, setting, and character. For example, you could search for a science fiction novel featuring a cynical, wisecracking main character--50% action and 10% romance, with spaceship battles, the theme of revenge, and a story involving clones and mind control--and the engine would find books that were the closest match."

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"I just checked into your [ site] and I was very pleased to see that you are promoting some of my favorite authors.  The idea of the Gordonator Precision Search Engine is laudable.  We need more folks like you, willing to spread the word..."
--Anne McCaffrey

"Sounds like a useful service for my readers!"
--Orson Scott Card

"Allreaders book search engines perform very useful functions for science fiction fans who spend time on the net."
--Mike Resnick

"I think your web site is terrific! It provides a search regime that will be extremely valuable to writers, fans, teachers, librarians and anyone who is trying to track down a well-remembered story."
--Ben Bova

"I think readers will find it a good resource for a lot of authors and recommendations."
----Robin Hobb

"" is the kind of unique, innovative resource that makes the web such an exciting, ever-surprising tool."
----Moshe Feder, Tor Books

"" offers an innovative and valuable new way to search for books. It's like no other search engine out there"
----Don Hochstein, Random House. 'Drowning Ruth' Is in the Stream

by M.J. Rose, Wired Online

Fiction Search may be one of the first sites that allows readers to search for novels by specific elements of plot, character, setting, style and theme... titles already are registered and can be found by users typing in various criteria.

"Other search engines only help if you are searching for a broad category -- such as mystery -- or already know the name of the book," said AllReaders's creator Steven Gordon.

Within are four basic search engines: sci-fi, romance, mystery/thriller and literature. Within each of those there are different levels of questions allowing users to get closer and closer to exactly the type of book they want to read. More than 2,000 criteria are categorized. When a title comes up, so will a list of the top 10 books with those specific matching characteristics.

"Many people aren't that experimental when it comes to fiction," Gordon said. "We like to read within our favorite themes, types of characters and plots." So if you crave a literary novel that takes place in Rome in the 1950's with a sensitive male character who is interested in art, and with the theme of unrequited love, you can find it on - as long as such a book has been written and has been logged in.

Gordon invites readers, authors and publishers to enter books and reviews in a process that takes about 10 minutes.

"Not only is there no competition," Gordon said, "but our Gordonator Precision Search Engine has a patent pending."