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Total # of reviews: 15
Likes: 689
Award of Excellence: 3


Jenny the Pomeranian, total: 1
Jenny is a little fox who will keep you warm at nights.
a lookout tower, total: 1
Who knows what you will see from the top, after climbing all the steps… or what you will discover about yourself?
the gift of being two inches taller, total: 1
Being taller gives you better views and greater authority over others.
a beautiful garden, total: 1
A garden is for relaxation and contemplation. Enjoy it well, my friend.
rain drops, total: 1
Rain drops are amazing in their fluidity and touch.
TitleLikes TitleLikes
Book ReviewsWench37  
Lily Beach200  On Black Sisters Street: A Novel 35  
The Unruly Passions of Eugenie R.46  The Age of Desire33  
City of Ash43  Ada's Rules: A Sexy Skinny Novel31  
Last Night in Montreal42  A Dangerous Inheritance28  
The Master's Muse 42  Asylum25  
Ghana Must Go41  Wicked Pleasures25  
The Ice Queen37  The Soldier's Wife 24