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an apple stem, total: 1
An apple has a pulpy stem, not good for eating, but good for touching and stroking with your finger. The hard wood like substance is reassuring to the touch.
a colorful nebula, total: 1
A nebula is something so wondrous, so beautiful, so distant. Just think of the distant worlds where aliens are submitting book reviews to alien book review websites we can't even comprehend.
Jenny the Pomeranian, total: 1
Jenny is a little fox who will keep you warm at nights.
a Capybara, total: 1
A Capybara is a 250 pound rodent, but it is very gentle and wise, with very cute whiskers and strawlike fur and black button eyes. It makes gentle "tweatle tweatle" sounds when amused.
the Milky Way, total: 1
The Milky Way is a wide, white band of stars. It kind of looks like a bright, white interstate highway, leading to the center of the galaxy.
an early lunch in a small southern town, total: 1
Imagine if you had an early lunch in a small southern town. You could all get dressed up in your finest Col. Sanders outfit and go to the small café in town for chicken and grits. How wonderful could that be?
an evergreen tree, total: 1
Evergreens are beautiful year around. They don't take a long coffee break for the winter.
a one legged dress, total: 2
Enjoy this one legged dress for yourself or your special lady friend. It's actually the easiest way to get a tan on just one leg.
the luscious mind controlling spores of Omicron Ceti II, total: 1
When you've had a hard day at the farm, it's nice to kick back and let the spores control your mind. You'll enjoy everything and anything. Even football.
a giant wet eye, total: 1
Friends come in all shapes and sizes. A giant oozing eye can be your friend too, if you're willing to open up and talk about your feelings with an alien invader who only wants to be your friend.
TitleLikes TitleLikes
Book ReviewsFive Year Engagement191  
It's the Little Things186  FireProof55  
Please Love Me: One Woman's Silent Plea for the Miracle of Intimacy 45  Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day43  
A Breath of Fresh Air41  I Think I Love my Wife42  
The Silent Lady39  Demoted41  
Love and Devotion38  Adventures of TinTin40  
The Hidden Cottage38  How To Train Your Dragon 240  
The Queen of New Beginnings37  License to Wed40  
The Mermaid Chair34  The Ant Bully39  
A Crowded Marriage33  The Ultimate Gift38  
Songs of the Humpback Whale32  Hachi: A Dog's Tale37  
Fairy Tale Weddings31  I'm in Love With a Church Girl37  
Rose Harbor in Bloom31  Long Walk to Freedom37  
The Trouble with Angels29  The Other Man36  
A Gift to Last22  Akeelah and the Bee35  
The Real Katie Lavender19  Winnie Mandela34  
A Season of Angels17  Facing the Giants33  
Touched by Angels17  The Joneses31  
Movie ReviewsBeverly Hills Chihuahua26