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a jailbroken iphone, total: 1
In repressive societies of the future, people will be enslaved and will only be able to run programs on their phones that big companies approve of.
a horse drawn carriage, total: 1
Relax and enjoy transportation from a gentler time before Google Maps and carpool lanes
half an oreo, total: 1
The white stuff inside an oreo is sticky like liquid cement and is not good for your insides. That's why you should scrape off the white part and eat the chocolatey goodness at the edges.
the Milky Way, total: 1
The Milky Way is a wide, white band of stars. It kind of looks like a bright, white interstate highway, leading to the center of the galaxy.
wet rocks, total: 1
When rocks are wet their colors come out vividly. Water also has the same effect on naked people in the shower.
a frozen tree branch, total: 1
Nature, frozen in time. Isn't it so much like a work of art?
dance lessons from a robot, total: 1
Imagine getting dance lessons from a robot. He would teach you how to dance perfectly. And you could teach him about love and emotions. How beautiful.
a lookout tower, total: 1
Who knows what you will see from the top, after climbing all the steps… or what you will discover about yourself?
a free hairdo, total: 2
It can be very relaxing when someone works on your hair. And you come out with a new look. And, sometimes, a new brain.
Jenny the Pomeranian, total: 2
Jenny is a little fox who will keep you warm at nights.
TitleLikes TitleLikes
Book ReviewsIf Only It Were True13  
Lady Chatterley's Lover67  The Book Thief13  
Saturday50  We the Living13  
Water for Elephants39  Orange Is The New Black12  
Kafka on the Shore33  1Q849  
When Nietzsche Wept29  Eleven Minutes9  
The Sea of Tranquility26  Hunting and Gathering9  
Daughter of Smoke & Bone23  The Forgotten Garden8  
Finding You23  The Signature of All Things7  
Solar23  The Silkworm5  
The Elegance of the Hedgehog23   
The White Woman on the Green Bicycle22  Movie Reviews
This Book Will Save Your Life22  October Sky83  
Days of Blood & Starlight21  Out of Africa66  
The Marriage Plot21  Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events13  
Dangerous Joy19  Beautiful Girls11  
Death of a Nightingale (Nina Borg #3)19  The Railway Man 11  
Escape from Camp 14: One Man's Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West19  Alexander (2004)9  
Midnight's Children18  Entrapment9  
Invisible Murder (Nina Borg #2)16  Bubble Boy7  
The Hunchback of Notre Dame16  Three Men and a Baby6  
I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban15  The Godfather: Part III5  
The Boy in the Suitcase (Nina Borg #1)14  Waiting to Exhale5  
The Devil and Miss Prym14  Vigilante (1983)4  
The House at Riverton14  Solo (1996)3