Mary G. Resident Scholar

Mary G. Level 4 Yellow-Headed Blackbird Scholar

Total # of reviews: 37
Likes: 523
Award of Excellence: 5


an evergreen tree, total: 2
Evergreens are beautiful year around. They don't take a long coffee break for the winter.
a giant cliff face, total: 1
People actually climb these cliffs with ropes all the time.
coleus plants, total: 2
Colias are beautiful multicolored plants with fantastic patterns
the gift of being two inches taller, total: 1
Being taller gives you better views and greater authority over others.
pine needles, total: 2
Pine needles have that beautiful smell, especially in the summer when the sun cooks them.
the aurora borealis, total: 1
The Aurora Borealis looks like something you would see in a planetarium skyshow, but it is very real. The surreal night colors may make you feel like you are in a deep dream.
Beaver the Pomeranian, total: 1
Beaver can be your small furry friend
half an oreo, total: 1
The white stuff inside an oreo is sticky like liquid cement and is not good for your insides. That's why you should scrape off the white part and eat the chocolatey goodness at the edges.
a Frozen waterfall, total: 1
A frozen waterfall is not only beautiful and wondrous but it's amazing for what it represents--a frozen moment in time.
a colorful nebula, total: 1
A nebula is something so wondrous, so beautiful, so distant. Just think of the distant worlds where aliens are submitting book reviews to alien book review websites we can't even comprehend.
TitleLikes TitleLikes
Book ReviewsRevenge Wears Prada8  
J'Adore Paris44  Someday, Someday, Maybe 7  
Dear John23  Staying Strong7  
Sex in the City19  Where We Belong7  
Remember Me?18   
The Wolf of Wall Street18  Movie Reviews
The Last Song17  Elizabeth53  
An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth16  The Romantics17  
Catching The Wolf of Wall Street15  Columbiana14  
Chasing Harry Winston15  Moving McAllister14  
J'Adore New York15  He's Just Not That Into You12  
My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One Night Stands15  The Rage: Carrie 212  
The Silver Linings Playbook15  Passion11  
Heart of the Matter14  Final Destination 510  
Too Fat To Fish12  Scream 410  
Baby Proof11  Boot Camp9  
One Fifth Avenue10  Boys and Girls8  
The Carrie Diaries10  Sex and the City8  
The Virgin's Lover10  Sorority Roy6  
Love The One You're With9  Brooklyn Rules4