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the aurora borealis, total: 3
The Aurora Borealis looks like something you would see in a planetarium skyshow, but it is very real. The surreal night colors may make you feel like you are in a deep dream.
a capybara watching TV, total: 1
Capybaras are the world's largest rodents, and they love to watch Fox News.
parking lot landscaping, total: 4
Parking lots are barren places and it is exciting to think that businesses think you will park there if the shrubbery is good. Although the shrubbery often looks sad, surrounded by miles of pavement, it can be surrounded by soothing woodchips or warm lights at night.
a wooden gazebo, total: 1
Cute wooden huts often have breathtaking views.
a giant cliff face, total: 4
People actually climb these cliffs with ropes all the time.
a beautiful garden, total: 2
A garden is for relaxation and contemplation. Enjoy it well, my friend.
an early lunch in a small southern town, total: 4
Imagine if you had an early lunch in a small southern town. You could all get dressed up in your finest Col. Sanders outfit and go to the small café in town for chicken and grits. How wonderful could that be?
a walk in the forest with your friends, total: 3
There is nothing like taking a nice walk in the forest with your friends, or, if your friends aren't available, a group of heavily armed robots.
the eye of Barad-Dur, total: 1
Sauron is staring at you. I think he wants to be your friend. He must get very lonely, all alone in his tower.
speaking your mind, total: 3
One of the great joys we have in life is speaking our mind. I give this gift now to you, my friend.
TitleLikes TitleLikes
Book ReviewsLast Chance Saloon34  
Enna Burning289
The Blue Castle280
On Fortune's Wheel34  
Forest Born276
Slave Girl34  
The Hunger Games263
Superior Saturday - Keys to the Kingdom 634  
The Maze Runner236
The Near Witch34  
The Scorch Trials141  The Reckoning - Darkest Powers 334  
The Dead-Tossed Waves51  Hummingbird Heart33  
For Darkness Shows the Stars48  Leviathan33  
My Mother's Ghost48  Seer of Sevenwaters33  
Paperquake: A Puzzle48  Triskellion33  
Delirium47  Clockwork Heart32  
Double Cross47  Red Glove32  
Grim Tuesday - Keys to the Kingdom 247  True Blue32  
The Forest of Hands and Teeth47  Chime31  
The Iron Thorn - Iron Codex 147  Firebird31  
Sushi for Beginners46  Freedom Bound31  
Touch of Power - Healer 146  House of Many Ways31  
Rampant - Killer Unicorns 145  The Princess and the Bear31  
Blood Red Road - Dust Lands 144  A Tale of Two Castles30  
Jinx43  Acceleration30  
Lady Friday - Keys to the Kingdom 543  After Hamelin30  
Sun And Moon, Ice And Snow43  East30  
Ice42  Flame of Sevenwaters30  
The Death Cure42  Jumping Off Swings30  
The Iron Daughter - The Iron Fey 242  The Awakening - Darkest Powers 230  
Angeline41  Buried29  
House of Shadows41  Dying to Go Viral29  
The Chosen - The Nine Lives of Chloe King 341  Parade of Shadows29  
Shadow in Hawthorn Bay40  Rachel's Secret29  
The Iron Queen - Iron Fey 340  The Fallen - Nine Lives of Chloe King29  
Wolf by the Ears40  The New Normal29  
Enter Three Witches39  The Summoning - Darkest Powers 129  
Piratica39  Princess Nevermore28  
Sir Thursday39  The Hangman in the Mirror28  
Star-Crossed39  The Warrior's Daughter 28  
Wildwood Dancing39  The Stolen27  
Zel39  Elske: A Novel of the Kingdom26  
Dead Man's Hand38  Here Lies Arthur26  
Drowned Wednesday38  How far would you have gotten if I hadn't called you back?26  
Hazel38  Ink Me26  
The Root Cellar38  The Naming: The First Book of Pellinor25  
Birthmarked37  What Happened to Serenity?25  
Scarlet37  Beast24  
Sister to the Wolf37  Jackaroo24  
The Hollow Tree37  Wurst Case Scenario24  
Troubled Waters37  Escape Velocity23  
Goliath36  Girl in Translation23  
I Know It's Over36  Voiceless23  
Nomansland36  Angel Blood22  
Pandemonium36  Inferno22  
Requiem36  The Buccaneers - High Seas Adventure 322  
Spinners36  The Letter Writer22  
The Iron Knight - The Iron Fey 436  How It Happened in Peach Hill20  
Heir to Sevenwaters35  Fostergirls19  
The Way of Kings35  Lost Cause16  
Wolf Queen - Claidi Journals 335   
Ascendant34  Movie Reviews
Brightly Woven34  The Jewel of the Nile41  
Jump Cut34  The Rebound26