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a lookout tower, total: 1
Who knows what you will see from the top, after climbing all the steps… or what you will discover about yourself?
Beaver the Pomeranian, total: 1
Beaver can be your small furry friend
a free chest hair waxing, total: 1
Imagine if you got your chest hair waxed--for free? It would look as good as this, I am sure of it.
rain drops, total: 1
Rain drops are amazing in their fluidity and touch.
an apple stem, total: 1
An apple has a pulpy stem, not good for eating, but good for touching and stroking with your finger. The hard wood like substance is reassuring to the touch.
Some very mellow hippies, total: 1
Enjoy some quality time with hippies. They are full of gentle wisdom of the ages, and sometimes bedbugs.
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Book ReviewsOur Kind of Traitor12  
Scarpetta55  Standing in Another Man's Grave10  
There is a Tide...44
Dowager Empress Cixi9  
Careless in Red12