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Hello! I am a novelist and writer from New York City. And I love writing so much. It is my passion. If I could not write I would not live. I grew up in Bronx, New York. My inspiration for writing is J.K. Rowling because is so many ways my situation is like how she use to be. I like reading and writing about love and Erotica. Because I am true romantic and I still believe in true love and soul mates and everything like that.

a rainbow, total: 1
Rainbows are created by light interacting with mist in the air. They are not only tremendously beautiful but look like a map, a sign from the heavens leading somewhere.
pine needles, total: 1
Pine needles have that beautiful smell, especially in the summer when the sun cooks them.
giant hands, total: 1
Giant hands can be very useful. Think about how useful they could be if you wanted to make a giant pie, or hold a giant ball, or go shopping for giant gloves. Then giant hands would be invaluable, my friend.
a green pear, total: 1
Green pears look wonderful with amazing smells and, if you manage to catch them in the 5.2 minutes between under and over ripeness, they have an awesome taste.
a snowflake, total: 1
Look at how the laws of physics and fluid mechanics have indifferently created a thing of such perfection and beauty.
the bottom of your shoe, total: 1
The bottom of your shoe has travelled to many, many places but you never look to see where it's been. Turning over your shoe and looking at the bottom is like looking at a well used passport, stamped with all the places you've been.
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Book ReviewsThe Rejected Son41  
By Chance273  A Life for Nicholas 34  
Married to the Badge44  Lies and Consequences32  
Of Beast and Beauty41  See Right Through - Savannah 126