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a Bay Leaf, total: 1
Bay leaves have that special, wholesome outdoor smell
dance lessons from a robot, total: 1
Imagine getting dance lessons from a robot. He would teach you how to dance perfectly. And you could teach him about love and emotions. How beautiful.
a giant invisible pear, total: 1
Imagine if you could bite into a giant invisible pear, feeling the invisible pear juice trickle down your chin as you chewed sweet invisible pear in your mouth?
a health spa run by Chairman Mao, total: 1
Imagine if Chairman Mao ran the health spa of the future? It would look exactly like this. It also might involve some brainwashing but I am not sure about that.
Jenny the Pomeranian, total: 1
Jenny is a little fox who will keep you warm at nights.
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Book ReviewsMr. Monk on the Couch36  
The Hollywood Dodo191  Three Dog Night33  
Zoli46  Crossed Bones28  
The Sound of Butterflies39