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parking lot landscaping, total: 2
Parking lots are barren places and it is exciting to think that businesses think you will park there if the shrubbery is good. Although the shrubbery often looks sad, surrounded by miles of pavement, it can be surrounded by soothing woodchips or warm lights at night.
a future of interracial harmony, total: 1
Imagine a future where everyone of all races gets along together in peace and tranquility…. (except for the guy on the right with the phaser.)
a Frozen waterfall, total: 2
A frozen waterfall is not only beautiful and wondrous but it's amazing for what it represents--a frozen moment in time.
Luke Skywalker's severed hand, total: 1
Luke Skywalker was a master Jedi, and there is only copy of his severed hand in the entire universe. A very rare find indeed.
a little pond full of Koi, total: 1
So many bright colors in such a confined space! Simply an amazing explosion of colors.
the birth of Yoda, total: 1
Here is a rare photo showing the birth of Yoda. Creating new life is an amazing thing.
giant hands, total: 2
Giant hands can be very useful. Think about how useful they could be if you wanted to make a giant pie, or hold a giant ball, or go shopping for giant gloves. Then giant hands would be invaluable, my friend.
the bottom of your shoe, total: 1
The bottom of your shoe has travelled to many, many places but you never look to see where it's been. Turning over your shoe and looking at the bottom is like looking at a well used passport, stamped with all the places you've been.
a giant wet eye, total: 2
Friends come in all shapes and sizes. A giant oozing eye can be your friend too, if you're willing to open up and talk about your feelings with an alien invader who only wants to be your friend.
sheer contentment, total: 2
Imagine if, despite whatever is happening around you, you could be content? How much would that be worth to you, to have a totally anesthetized mind? Enjoy it well, my friend.
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