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I am a dweeb with a dash of geek who has a BA in English and Awesomeness. I have an obsession with running and cats and I also love to read, write and listen to angry music. I value learning for the sake of learning, proper grammar and the touch and smell of a real book. Like what you see? If you have a piece that you are interested in having me write please contact me. Connect with me! http://pluviophilereader.wordpress.com/

a snowflake, total: 1
Look at how the laws of physics and fluid mechanics have indifferently created a thing of such perfection and beauty.
rolling fog, total: 1
Isn't it amazing to be able to see the air moving?
a walk through Los Angeles in pajamas, total: 2
Imagine if you could walk through outlying areas of Los Angeles wearing pajamas. You wouldn't have to change clothing when you got out of bed, you'd simply get up, open the door, and start walking. I think it would look exactly like this.
a private tap dancing flaminco lesson, total: 1
Enjoy this private tap dancing lesson, my friend.
dance lessons from a robot, total: 1
Imagine getting dance lessons from a robot. He would teach you how to dance perfectly. And you could teach him about love and emotions. How beautiful.
a study break with your friend the chimpanzee, total: 1
There is nothing like taking a break from work with your friend the chimpanzee.
a jailbroken iphone, total: 1
In repressive societies of the future, people will be enslaved and will only be able to run programs on their phones that big companies approve of.
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The Tyrant's Daughter55  Annabel34