Joe Chavez Resident Scholar

Joe Chavez Level 6 Elegant Trogon Scholar

Total # of reviews: 54
Likes: 3524
Award of Excellence: 11


supreme confidence, total: 1
One of the greatest gifts in life is supreme confidence under pressure. Imagine if you could control your feelings and rise to the occasion, when under extreme pressure? That is the measure of a truly superior individual, my friend.
a fishing cap, total: 3
Enjoy this fishing cap. I think you will look very good in it, my friend.
a giant white horned monkey, total: 1
You may not think you need a giant white horned monkey, but, can you really say that until you have actually had one?
another walk in the forest, total: 1
What a beautiful green forest? And who knows what friends are just waiting for you there?
a very muscular body, total: 1
Imagine if you had a very muscular body without taking steroids? You would look exactly like this except you would not have taken steroids.
a well deserved nap, total: 1
Sometimes it's nice just to take a relaxing, unplanned nap.
free teeth whitening and accompanying green girl, total: 1
Imagine if you could get whiter teeth AND a green girl, all in one place?
a capybara watching TV, total: 2
Capybaras are the world's largest rodents, and they love to watch Fox News.
dark glasses, total: 2
Imagine if you had dark glasses. Then you could look people in the eyes and not worry about them looking into yours, and you could avoid emotional intimacy, which is highly overrated.
abs of steel, total: 1
Imagine if you had abs of steel. You'd feel nothing there. You'd be in wonderful shape, and could show off your figure and be a great source of inspiration to your friends.
TitleLikes TitleLikes
Book ReviewsDombey and Son49  
Sabbath's Theater348  Invitation to a Beheading49  
Despair315  Glory48  
The Bostonians308  Last Night in Twisted River48  
The Comfort of Strangers74  Mansfield Park48  
Demons67  The Town47  
The Longest Journey64  Toilers of the Sea47  
King, Queen, Knave62  Laughter in the Dark46  
Ninety-Three62  The Fires of Heaven - Wheel of Time 546  
The Gift61  The Secret Agent46  
The Accidental Time Machine60  The Reef44  
Gentlemen of the Road59  Going After Cacciato43  
Gilead58  Intruder in the Dust43  
The Player of Games58  Victory43  
Choke57  The Golden Bowl42  
Lord Jim57  The Reivers42  
Survivor57  Where Angels Fear to Tread42  
The Luzhin Defense56  I, Claudius41  
The Ghost Brigades55  The Water-Method Man41  
The Pickwick Papers55  Roderick Hudson40  
A Common Story54  What Maisie Knew40  
The Hamlet53  For Whom the Bell Tolls39  
The Spoils of Poynton53  The Other House39  
The Awkward Age51  Rising Sun37  
The Magic Mountain51  Next34  
A Fable50  Pirate Latitudes34  
The Mansion50   
Angels and Demons49  Movie Reviews