Nicholas Waithaka Resident Scholar

Nicholas Waithaka Level 3 Eurasian Jay Scholar

Total # of reviews: 30
Likes: 624
Award of Excellence: 4


very strong arm muscles, total: 1
Imagine if you had very strong arm muscles. You could lift things up that were heavy. You could carry a lot of pies for your friends to the market.
a little pond full of Koi, total: 1
So many bright colors in such a confined space! Simply an amazing explosion of colors.
new blonde friends from far away places, total: 1
It's always nice to meet new friends from far away places. Strangers are simply friends you haven't met yet, even if they do want to eat you.
a giant wet eye, total: 2
Friends come in all shapes and sizes. A giant oozing eye can be your friend too, if you're willing to open up and talk about your feelings with an alien invader who only wants to be your friend.
an Alpine Lake, total: 1
Beauty at high altitudes
a Capybara, total: 1
A Capybara is a 250 pound rodent, but it is very gentle and wise, with very cute whiskers and strawlike fur and black button eyes. It makes gentle "tweatle tweatle" sounds when amused.
an apple stem, total: 1
An apple has a pulpy stem, not good for eating, but good for touching and stroking with your finger. The hard wood like substance is reassuring to the touch.
a weeping willow, total: 1
When I was young, children would snap off weeping willow vines and whip each other playfully with them. We each got pleasure in others pain, a teachable moment that help prepare us for adult life.
a Bay Leaf, total: 1
Bay leaves have that special, wholesome outdoor smell
a good laugh with your friends, total: 1
There's nothing like a good laugh with your friends to make you feel good.
TitleLikes TitleLikes
Book ReviewsA Summer to Die13  
Airframe125  Kill Alex Cross 13  
Anywhere but Here98  The Lunatic Cafe13  
The Girl who Played with Fire 23  Burning for Revenge12  
The Dead of the Night 19  The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove12  
The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest19  Handling Sin11  
Lie Down in Darkness18  The It Girl11  
Playing for the Ashes18  Absolutely Maybe10  
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo18  Firelight10  
Tomorrow, When the War Began17  Island of the Sequined Love Nun10  
A Slipping-Down Life15  Evernight9  
Average Waves in Unprotected Waters15  Revelations 8  
So Much to Tell You 15  Battleground7  
Dope Sick14   
Linger14  Movie Reviews
Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns14  Lord of War27