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the aurora borealis, total: 1
The Aurora Borealis looks like something you would see in a planetarium skyshow, but it is very real. The surreal night colors may make you feel like you are in a deep dream.
Some very mellow hippies, total: 1
Enjoy some quality time with hippies. They are full of gentle wisdom of the ages, and sometimes bedbugs.
a Frozen waterfall, total: 1
A frozen waterfall is not only beautiful and wondrous but it's amazing for what it represents--a frozen moment in time.
a free eye exam, total: 1
Imagine if you got a free eye exam. It wouldn't cost you anything. And your eye would be examined. What could be better than that?
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Book ReviewsBed Of Roses - Book Two In The Bride Quartet6  
Battle Dress30  Vision in White - Bride Quartet 16  
Voices of Dragons15  Dragon Rider4