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perfect relations between men and women, total: 1
Some day in the future men and women will have evolved enough to have perfect relations and live in a perfect state of harmony. Live in peace with your fellow man and woman, my friend.
another well deserved nap, total: 1
Sometimes it takes a friend to tell you when you need a nap most.
a frozen tree branch, total: 1
Nature, frozen in time. Isn't it so much like a work of art?
a giant invisible pear, total: 1
Imagine if you could bite into a giant invisible pear, feeling the invisible pear juice trickle down your chin as you chewed sweet invisible pear in your mouth?
Luke Skywalker's severed hand, total: 1
Luke Skywalker was a master Jedi, and there is only copy of his severed hand in the entire universe. A very rare find indeed.
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Book ReviewsThe Red Queen47  
The Woman Who Rides Like a Man275
The White Queen44  
The Riven Kingdom - Godspeaker 249  City of Ashes - The Mortal Instruments 241  
Hammer of God - Godspeaker 347  Empress - Godspeaker 140