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the birth of Yoda, total: 2
Here is a rare photo showing the birth of Yoda. Creating new life is an amazing thing.
a Bay Leaf, total: 1
Bay leaves have that special, wholesome outdoor smell
saturn, total: 1
Enjoy the beautiful rings. The colors formed by the rings of ice are much like the colors of the rainbow formed by the particles of water in the air after a rainstorm.
free teeth whitening and accompanying green girl, total: 1
Imagine if you could get whiter teeth AND a green girl, all in one place?
a bright red leaf, total: 1
Beautiful to look at, beautiful to touch and smell, great to put between the pages of a book, or to somehow awkwardly slide it into your kindle.
wild turkeys, total: 1
These turkeys are bred for looking, not eating. They make little beep beep sounds when warned of danger.
a beautiful garden, total: 1
A garden is for relaxation and contemplation. Enjoy it well, my friend.
a little pond full of Koi, total: 1
So many bright colors in such a confined space! Simply an amazing explosion of colors.
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Book ReviewsCanaletto and the Case of the Westminster Bridge41  
The Passion of Artemisia250  The Oracle of Stamboul40  
The Virgin Blue50  The Language of Threads37  
Avalon47  The Thief Taker36  
Lady Macbeth43  The Tale of Holly How35