Jason Macumber Resident Scholar

Jason Macumber Level 3 Eurasian Jay Scholar

Total # of reviews: 28
Likes: 151
Award of Excellence: 5


Beaver the Pomeranian, total: 1
Beaver can be your small furry friend
caucasian origami, total: 1
Caucasian origami is very rare and hard to find but the lack of artistry can be quite distinctive.
a very muscular body, total: 1
Imagine if you had a very muscular body without taking steroids? You would look exactly like this except you would not have taken steroids.
a toga party, total: 2
Take some time off and enjoy a toga party with your happy friends.
another walk in the forest, total: 1
What a beautiful green forest? And who knows what friends are just waiting for you there?
soft, silvery space pajamas, total: 2
I'll bet you would always sleep easily if you had a pair of these luscious, soft, silvery space pajamas. They are so soft you could even sleep through a red alert.
a study break with your friend the chimpanzee, total: 2
There is nothing like taking a break from work with your friend the chimpanzee.
appreciation, total: 2
Enjoy the gift of appreciation! We really appreciate your reviews, my friend.
saturn, total: 1
Enjoy the beautiful rings. The colors formed by the rings of ice are much like the colors of the rainbow formed by the particles of water in the air after a rainstorm.
half an oreo, total: 1
The white stuff inside an oreo is sticky like liquid cement and is not good for your insides. That's why you should scrape off the white part and eat the chocolatey goodness at the edges.
TitleLikes TitleLikes
Book ReviewsA Memory of Light - The Wheel of Time 144  
The Eye of the World22  Hannibal Rising4  
Flirt 13  Towers of Midnight - The Wheel of Time 134  
Swallowing Darkness12  Incubus Dreams3  
A Kiss of Shadows9  M is for Malice3  
A Lick of Frost9  Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror3  
Mistral's Kiss8  The Gathering Storm - Wheel of Time 123  
The Trench7  Cujo2  
Blood Noir6  The Harlequin2  
Danse Macabre6  U is for Undertow2  
Micah6  V is for Vengeance2  
The Host6  Affliction1  
The Laughing Corpse6  Blue Moon1  
The Path of Daggers5  Burnt Offerings1