Benten Resident Scholar

Benten Level 8 Sooty Shearwater Scholar

Total # of reviews: 72
Likes: 6450
Award of Excellence: 5


a beautiful garden, total: 2
A garden is for relaxation and contemplation. Enjoy it well, my friend.
bright green moss, total: 2
When it rains the moss can get so bright that it almost glows.
a colorful nebula, total: 1
A nebula is something so wondrous, so beautiful, so distant. Just think of the distant worlds where aliens are submitting book reviews to alien book review websites we can't even comprehend.
a beautiful sunset, total: 2
It's like looking into a hot furnace in the sky.
a snowflake, total: 1
Look at how the laws of physics and fluid mechanics have indifferently created a thing of such perfection and beauty.
a lookout tower, total: 1
Who knows what you will see from the top, after climbing all the steps… or what you will discover about yourself?
a tree in Autumn, total: 1
Isn't that simply beautiful? And aren't you glad that trees can't chop you down?
ceiling tiles, total: 1
Ceiling tiles offer up a great counting experience, especially if you are trying to distract yourself on the way to the operating room.
a Capybara, total: 1
A Capybara is a 250 pound rodent, but it is very gentle and wise, with very cute whiskers and strawlike fur and black button eyes. It makes gentle "tweatle tweatle" sounds when amused.
caucasian origami, total: 1
Caucasian origami is very rare and hard to find but the lack of artistry can be quite distinctive.
TitleLikes TitleLikes
Book ReviewsOnce Upon a Time in the West69  
The Pillow Book400
A Time to Kill68  
Movie ReviewsBrothers67  
For Love of the Game476
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert459
The Juror67  
There's Something About Mary459
Come back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean66  
Tenderness90  Control66  
Julie and Julia85  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas66  
Heaven and Earth81  The American66  
Nick of Time81  Becoming Jane65  
Margin Call80  House of the Spirits65  
Nadine80  Kundun 65  
I Love You Phillip Morris79  Australia64  
The Sheltering Sky79  Breach 64  
Bright Star77  Charlie Wilson's War64  
Drive (2011)77  Black Butterflies63  
True Colors77  King of Comedy63  
Into the Wild76  After Hours62  
Legal Eagles76  American Gangster62  
Nights in Rodanthe76  Birdy62  
Gorillas in the Mist75  Fracture 62  
Last Night75  Ocean's Thirteen61  
Robin Hood75  27 Dresses60  
Inception74  Malcolm X60  
The Accidental Tourist73  Much Ado about Nothing60  
The Brothers Bloom73  Seven Years in Tibet60  
The Other Boleyn Girl73  The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford60  
Cheri72  W.60  
Grand Canyon72  Mother and Child59  
Prelude to a Kiss72  Page Eight59  
Sherlock Holmes72  Rabbit Hole59  
Wyatt Earp72  Amateur58  
The Cotton Club71  Fantastic Mr. Fox58  
Breaking and Entering70  The Descendants58  
In the Name of the Father70  Someone to Watch Over Me56  
Tucker: The Man and His Dream70  The Rainmaker56  
Crazy Heart69