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I am a small town sister in a big city living just enough :) And I read a crap-ton of books!

an apple stem, total: 1
An apple has a pulpy stem, not good for eating, but good for touching and stroking with your finger. The hard wood like substance is reassuring to the touch.
an Alpine Lake, total: 1
Beauty at high altitudes
bright green moss, total: 1
When it rains the moss can get so bright that it almost glows.
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Book ReviewsEverything19  
Coldest Winter Ever86
Nappily Married19  
I Am Not A Cop!31  Triangles14  
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl27  Movie Reviews
Nappily Ever After27  Kill Bill Volume 127  
Would I Lie To You?27  Evan Almighty25  
The Casual Vacancy25  Pan's Labyrinth23  
Nappily Faithful23  35 and Ticking22  
That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It22  Black Dynamite22  
Nappily About Us21  Think Like a Man21  
Un-Nappily in Love21  Disappearing Acts14  
Nappily in Bloom20  Sin City12