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I am from Northern Ireland, which contrary to reports is actually a fairly quiet place, predominantly rural, and with a high standard of formal education. I was mostly brought up in Omagh, the county town of Tyrone; but for about twelve years now, I have lived in Belfast, where I was born Scorpio - November 03 1957.

Technical matters have always interested me. I have been involved professionally in the audio electronics industry with people such as Tim de Paravicini and Stan Kelly, (readers of Hi-Fi magazines will know who I'm talking about here) and the sound- recording/music industry, again, with Tim de Paravicini, and Tony Bongiovi of Power Station Recording Studios, New York City. Also, I'm into computers; working my way towards an MCSE qualification.

I read: Literary fiction by Nelson Algren, Gerald Kersh, Iain Banks, Nicholson Baker, etc. Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Iain M Banks, Fritz Leiber, C.J. Cherryh, J.S. Fancher, etc. Detective fiction by Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Sara Paretsky, Peter Hoeg, etc.

A new activity for me is Computer Aided Graphic Art for which I use Adobe Photo shop 5.0 in conjunction with 3D-Studio Max to mix and blend scanned-in photographic images shot on 100 or 25 ASA 35mm negative film, with hand drawn images. I don't use a digital camera at present because it's not yet possible to get an affordable unit with the lenses and accessories available for even a modest - by today's standards - SLR like my Canon AE-1.

E-Books are something I'm getting excited about, which, if the hype is anything to go by, should allow me to dispense with the magnifying aid I must use to read a standard paper-and-ink item, and let me present the text on-screen at a size more suitable for unaided viewing. Some books are printed in very small type to keep the number of pages down, making them hard work for me.

As for music, films, and television: I like to listen to rock and pop, stuff by artists like Iggy Pop, Madonna, The Beach Boys, Dark Throne, Steely Dan, David Bowie, Little Feat, Al Green, Lou Reed, Tin Machine, etc. Some of the films I have enjoyed are: Get Carter, Alien, The Jerk, Snake Eyes, Things to do in Denver When You're Dead, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Awakenings. And favourite television programmes would include: Seinfeld, The Larry Sanders Show, The X-Files, Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories, Star Trek and DS-9 (all series).

I have my own website:

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